Author: Winnie Baloyi

Third 2019 Message from the IMASA President: Winnie Baloyi

14 August 2019

Greetings to All IMASA Knights!

Whilst the country is celebrating women’s month, I would like to wish all IMASA women members a Happy Woman’s month!
The following matters are presented to all members:
Bad news
Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the Western Cape member, Mr. J Marais who passed on during the month of May 2019. May his soul rest in peace!
Mr. Deon Visagie, also a Western Cape member, is wished a speedy recovery from an operation.
2019 Conference Preparations
We are left with two (2) months to meet again at the 21st Annual General Meeting and Conference to be held at the city of Ekurhuleni, Alberton Municipality in Gauteng.
I am proud to announce that the Task Team is working around the clock to ensure that the Conference preparations are proceeding as planned.
The National Management Committee (NMC) successfully met on the 12 July 2019 at Alberton Municipality to update each other on the conference arrangements and do a site visit to the venue of the conference.
Our appreciation goes to the Alberton Municipality for offering IMASA the conference venue at the Municipal premises with no cost!
NMC resolutions
During its meeting on the 12th July 2019, the NMC resolved on the development of a quarterly newsletter. This process will be led by the Chairperson of the Marketing, Communication & Recruitment Portfolio Committee, Mr. Mikha’eel Harris.
The NMC further resolved to review all outdated IMASA Policies. The process will be led by a legal expert and Chairperson of the North West Branch, Mr. Stephan Piek.
I am excited that the NMC has considered to allocate a budget during the 2020 financial year, for the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) reduced bulk membership of $200 that will be converted to Rands. IMASA members will from now on, be eligible to participate in the IIMC activities as associate members.
Branch activities
The Western Cape Branch is once again applauded for submitting the 3rd 2019 report on Branch activities.
All Branches are once again encouraged to submit their branch reports for consideration at the next NMC meeting scheduled for 20 September 2019.
Branches are further encouraged to conduct workshops to fulfill the institute’s role of exchanging knowledge and experience amongst members and encourage career advancement through educational sessions on subjects relevant in the administration field.
IMASA should be noticed by playing a significant role in the effective and efficient administration of local government.
Let us all invite fellow colleagues and councilors in the field of governance and administration to be part of the upcoming and exciting IMASA National Conference to be held on 6-8 November 2019 at Gauteng, under a theme “Reinventing the wheel and investing in the future of Local Government Administration”

Winnie Baloyi
IMASA President

Second 2019 Message from the IMASA President: Winnie Baloyi

To All IMASA Knights,

We have entered the 2nd quarter of the year and I am delighted to give an update on IMASA activities from the period March to May 2019.

So much has happened since the last communique in March 2019. The good and the bad!

Bad news
IMASA has lost one of its soldiers in Administration on 17 April 2019, the National Treasurer and Chairperson of Gauteng Branch, Mr. Derek Gouws. Our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues.

The efforts taken by IMASA members to represent the Institute during the family bereavement are highly noticed and appreciated. Thank you IMASA Knights for your support!

Resignations and Appointments
One of the IMASA legends and Western Cape Associate member, Ms. Elrina Versfeld tendered a resignation to focus on her life and retirement. We wish her well with her future endeavours, not forgetting to appreciate her commitment and contribution to IMASA throughout her years of service as a member.

The Western Cape Branch Secretary, Mrs. Natasha Paulse has also resigned as an official from the City of Cape Town Municipality but chose to remain with IMASA as an Associate member. Her decision to continue with her membership and service to IMASA is highly appreciated.

Congratulations to Ms. Jill Lakay for being elected as the new Western Cape Branch Secretary for 2019, replacing Mrs. Natasha Paulse. We wish her well in her new position of responsibility!

Branch Activities
Western Cape Branch is applauded for submitting the 2nd 2019 report on Branch activities. Keep up the good work Western Cape!

It is trusted that the Task Teams established and assigned with different responsibilities will perform beyond expectations.
Branch reports from Limpopo and North-West are still awaited.

Whilst acknowledging the challenges faced by Gauteng Branch, it is trusted that the NMC’s intervention will strive to address the challenges and revive the branch once again.

NMC Activities
The NMC visited Mbombela Local Municipality on the 26 April 2019. The intention was to popularize IMASA and if possible establish an interim Branch Management Committee.

Though an interim committee could not be established, it is anticipated that new members will soon be received from Mbombela Municipality and other municipalities in Mpumalanga, with the support of the IMASA active member, Mr. Vincent Mabuza.

I am excited to report that the 21st IMASA Annual National Conference will be held at Ekurhuleni Municipality in Alberton, Gauteng from 6-8 November 2019. The 1st invitation is already out to members and administrators in local government to attend this magnificent conference with a theme “Reinventing the wheel and investing in the future of Local Government Administration”.

The good work already done by the Conference Planning Task Team is highly appreciated.

Collectively let us continue to take IMASA to greater heights!

Winnie Baloyi
IMASA President

First 2019 message from President Winnie Baloyi

To All IMASA Knights, Welcome to 2019!

The year has begun and its work, work, work! I wish you all a successful and fruitful year.
Congratulations to the two (2) branches, namely, the Western Cape and Limpopo for holding their first meetings in 2019! The two branches managed to elect their Branch Management Committees for the 2019 term of office as follows:

Western Cape:
Chairperson – Mikha’eel Harris
Deputy Chairperson – Marina Griesel
Secretary – Natasha Paulse
Treasurer – Adele Van Rossum
Assistant Treasurer – Marius Moelich

Chairperson – Reply Mkhwanazi
Deputy Chairperson – Danky Leshaba
Secretary -Beauty Maake
Treasurer – Barry Viljoen
Additional member – Mampuru Thobejane
Student member – Tsietsi Manyama

All the newly elected branch Management Committee members are congratulated, with confidence that the vision of IMASA will be realized through their dedication, hard work and commitment.

Well done Western Cape Branch for a comprehensive Conference feedback report!

On behalf of the IMASA Knights, I wish the Treasurer General & Chairperson of Gauteng Branch, Mr Derek Gouws a speedy recovery from his knee surgery.

Good luck! to one of the IMASA founders, Mr Stefan Bosman from Limpopo Branch, who has retired from local government as on 28 February 2019. We wish him well with his new endeavors and still open a door for him to become an associate member.

The North-West Branch (now known as Bokone-Bophirima Province), you are encouraged to regain the momentum once again! Remember your outstanding work as a leading branch year after year! You can still make it!

The National Management Committee (NMC), had successfully held its 1st 2019 meeting on the
22 February 2019. Amongst others, the NMC resolved on the following:

1. To pursue the registration of IMASA as a Professional body with SAQA.
2. Revive the inactive branches by starting with possible visits to Mpumalanga and Kwazulu- Natal provinces.
3. Establish an Advisory Committee and re-establish portfolio committees to support the objectives of the Institute.

It is with great honor and gratitude for the NMC to allow me to attend the 73rd IIMC Annual
Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, USA from 19-22 May 2019.

All members are reminded to pay their 2019 membership fees and remember that it is a responsibility for all of us to take IMASA to greater heights!

Winnie Baloyi

IMASA President

Christmas message from President Winnie Baloyi


To All IMASA Knights!

2018 has been a great year! We, the IMASA Knights should appreciate the journey we have travelled from the beginning of the year. We have kept the IMASA family together thus far and it is my wish that all of us conclude the year with happy endings.

As we are approaching the festive season, may all of us have confidence to the New Year, with hope that the challenges experienced in 2018 will strengthen and motivate us to improve. All the achievements gained should be seen as a step forward to a brighter future.  

May all enjoy the festive season, drive safely wherever you will be travelling and enter 2019 with courage and enthusiasm.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019!