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IMASA is a professional institute established on 2 October 1997 to serve all who are employed or studying towards a career in municipal administration throughout Southern Africa. IMASA is already active in all nine Provinces of South Africa.





IMASA’s Constitution defines municipal administration as that part of public administration undertaken in and for the benefit of local government, including the administration of meetings, estate or property administration, legal administration and general administrative functions (e.g. the administration of tenders, contracts, archives, records and elections and departmental and housing administration).

In general, those in what has traditionally been seen as the local government town clerk’s department, (and in more recent times the town secretarial or administration departments – on local authority and district council level) and who are not served by another local government oriented professional institute.





IMASA’s objectives and founding values have at their heart the promotion of effective and efficient municipal (local government) administration, consistent with universal principles of sound public administration as the foundation of good local government, serving the best interests of the profession of municipal administration and the development and growth of those in the profession, especially those who come from communities or backgrounds where opportunities for full development have been limited or impaired. In pursuing these aims IMASA will foster interaction and the exchange of knowledge amongst those in the profession and will encourage involvement in all aspects of the Institute (including its management) by all members – from the student to the most experienced practitioner. It will also seek to work with other professional institutes, local government departments and associations and academic institutions for the common good. It will promote academic and career development and opportunities for its members. It will focus strongly on Branch involvement as it believes that it is only at this level that the individual member can become fully involved. Among the important values are it will seek to see take its rightful place in municipal administration, representivity, responsiveness, openness, accountability, development, equity, fairness and human dignity and rights.