Acts or Bills

MARCH 2018

Parl Committee Cogta Structures Amendment Bill, SONA impact on LG Feb 2018

Disaster Management Act Decleration Of A National State Of Disaster March 2018

Parliamentary Committee: Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs: 06 March 2018: Meeting Report

NEM Int Coastal Mngmnt Act Reclamation of land from Coastal Waters Regs March 2018

Briefing to the Cogta Portfolio Committee re Systems Act March 2018

MFMA Circular No. 91 Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003

COIDA Rules, Forms and Particulars to be furnished in terms of Act March 2018

Municipal Structures Amendment Bill – SONA impact on local government

Railway Safety Bill 2017 Invitation for comments March 2018

· Reclamation of land from Coastal Waters Regulations


Structures Amendment Bill Presenation to Cogta Committee Feb 2018